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Electric Actuators, 1/4 turn, Multi-turn, Worm Gears, Bevel Gears.

AUMA is the world's leading manufacturer of electric actuators and gear boxes. The company has been manufacturing valve actuators and manual operators for over 45 years. AUMA Actuators, Inc. headquarters is near Pittsburg, PA with a complete network of sales and support offices throughout North America, and around the globe.

AUMA's electric actuators are capable of operating all type of industrial valves. AUMA's actuators are currently in operation for all types of quarterturn valves including butterfly valves, ball valves, and plug valves. AUMA's actuators are also widely used for multiturn valves including louver valves, quillotine valves, and diverter valves. AUMA's actuators can be supplied for open/close or modulating services.

AUMA's electric actuators can also be supplied with integrated controls and accessories capable of interfacing with a wide variety of plant control systems.

ATSCO Sales & Service is AUMA's manufacturer's representative with over 40 years experience supplying electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, valves, and pumps to a large array of industrial customers and distributors. ATSCO Sales & Service has a complete machine shop with in house capabilities to actuate any valve. Please submit an RFQ (Request For Quote) or call us at 1-800-409-7902 and we'll be happy to help solve your toughest applications.

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