Knife-Gate Valves

Knife-Gate Valves | What is a Knife-Gate Valve?

Knife-gate valves are a single blade valve that are actuated through several means. Pneumatic electric and manual being some of the most common. Mostly used for on-off piping applications where 100% shut off is needed for abrasive slurry. Other applications may apply for you.

Knife-Gate Valves | Why use a Knife-Gate Valve?

Knife-Gate valves are common choice over metal seated ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves,pinch valves, and globe valves due to the fact that heavy slurry’s such as cement can easily be isolated and shut off without damaging the valve or seats of the valve. Also the slide design and one piece rubber seal design make great valving options for copper concentrating/tailings, soda ash/borax, phosphate, taconite/iron ore, and various other mining operations. Not to mention atmospheric containment is sewer, waste and sanitation stations.

Knife-Gate Valves | Knife-Gate Valve Applications

Many industries use knife-gate valves. Two of the most common being the power and mining industries. These industries often need 100% shut off of slurry systems using valves as large as 36” and 40” sometimes even larger. Other applications include chemical, paper and pulp, and the food industry. We are also seeing increased usage of these valves in the animal feed, sugar processing, dairy, sewage, and computer chip manufacturing process.

Knife-Gate Valves | Knife-Gate Valve Suppliers

ATSCO Sales & Service carries Newcon knife-gate valves urethane lined with replaceable one piece liners that can be rebuilt for 10-15% of the cost of a new valve. Spare parts can be ordered and kept on site for maintenance and repair rather than having to have a new valve ordered and shipped.

Some current manufactures of knife-gate valves are Newcon Valves, Red Valves, Dezurik Valves, Tyco Valves, Wey Valves, Fabri-Valve, FNW Knife Gate Valves, and Valtorc. Many different manufactures have small differences in design causing slight advantages and disadvantages over each other. Newcon knife-gate valves are built with a self flushing design, zero atmospheric leakage, replaceable one-pice urethane liner, molded elastomer gate seal, and easy to order spare parts.

Knife-Gate Valves | About Newcon Knife-Gate Valves

Newcon Company is located in Hibbing Minnesota and started building knife gate valves in 1979. They are located in iron mining country where many applications for their valves are used on a day to day basis. Starting up in this area has afforded them the unique experience to manufacture an excellent product and keep on the cutting edge of current design and technology.

Knife-Gate Valves | Knife-Gate Valve Actuation

Knife Gate Valve actuators can be single acting or double acting pneumatic cylinders with spring return, electric actuators or manually operated wheel. Depending on availability of electricity, air for pneumatics or the need for for manual operation will decide the best option for you. Things to consider are hazardous materials and environments that the valves will be used in. Call and talk to one of our costumer service representatives to decide what applications may suite you best.
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