ProOne Industrial Lubricants


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ProOne ACA Cutting Oil

Using exclusive XPL+ technology, this ready-to-use Cutting Oil takes performance to a new level by bonding to the cutting tool which reduces wear generated by metal removal.

Our price: $54.99
ProOne Bio-Stable Water Sol

ProOne offers a vegetable oil based, biodegradable Bio-Stable premium machine coolant and a water-based Synthetic coolant. Both combine extreme pressure technology, wetting agents and high lubricity components for outstanding performance in demanding operations. Dramatically reduces welding & tearing, and operator friendly.

Our price: $60.99
ProOne Engine Life Treatment

Advanced XPL+ technology creates an ionic bond with the metal in an engine, providing extraordinary protection from heat and friction, and reducing wear especially during start-up when motor oil is not yet circulating. From a lawnmower to a container ship, Engine Life Treatment will help extend an engine’s working life and performance.

Our price: $24.99
ProOne EP-2 Grease

Delivers outstanding extreme pressure protection to help maximize equipment life and performance, and help save energy, even under the harshest conditions. And with no harmful additives, this premium grease is environmentally friendly!

Our price: $9.99
ProOne Fuel Maximizer

ProOne's Fuel Maximizer is a super-concentrated fuel catalyst which creates more efficient combustion. This produces more energy, significantly reduces fuel consumption and dramatically lowers emissions while at the same time adding lubricity to help reduce wear. Solves problems associated with ULSD fuels.

Our price: $21.99
ProOne Grease Lithium 5% Moly+XPL

A versatile heavy duty bearing grease fortified with synthetic polymers, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and extreme pressure agents to provide optimal lubrication and extreme pressure capability in the most severe conditions.

Our price: $10.99
ProOne Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

ProOne Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer features XPL+ Xtreme Pressure Lubrication technology to bond to the metal, reduce friction and give protection and performance second to none! For new and older gasoline or diesel engines.

Our price: $16.99
ProOne Hydraulic Treatment

With advanced XPL+ technology, ProOne Hydraulic Treatment provides superior performance, especially at points of extreme pressure, to help keep hydraulic systems running at peak efficiency, which means less down time and lower operating costs.

Our price: $76.99
ProOne Industrial Oil Concentrate

Using our proprietary XPL+ technology, this extreme pressure formulation reduces friction, heat and wear to dramatically increase production efficiency and extend the working life of gears, cams and dies. Adds superior performance to any oil application.

Our price: $76.99
ProOne Rock Drilling Oil 100

A unique blend of High Viscosity Index mineral oils, synthetic fluids, and specialty polymers that provide outstanding film strength and water resistance. Contains ProOne's XPL+ extreme pressure technology which provides the highest degree of boundary lubrication protection even in wet conditions or under the most extreme shock loading, pounding, and continuous oscillatory vibration.

Our price: $32.99